Welcome Larry and Barry to the family

We bought touring bikes! We’ve been thinking about it for a while, so we finally went out and purchased 2 Cell Brunswick tourers that we’ve named Larry and Barry.

The Cell Brunswick 1.0 is actually an entry level cross-bike rather than a straight touring bike. I guess for those of us who are used to our road bikes the cross-bike is an appealing option. It’s sturdier than a road bike with wider tyres so we can go off road and has the bonus of being able to add panniers so it can be converted into a tourer.

It is a LOT heavier than my road bike, I almost had a heart attack when I first picked it up - and that was before I’d put the pannier rack & panniers on! Eeek, hills are going to be fun on this machine. My saving grace will be the extra gears as it’s fitted with a 34/48 crankset. Let’s hope that will help me haul my butt up a few mountains!

Now we just have to remember who has Larry and who has Barry….

Stay tuned for our first adventure: “Larry and Barry go north”!

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