The Prawn Star

This may be the best name of a restaurant i’ve ever come across. It makes me chuckle every time I think about it. This restaurantis a hidden gem, and I’m almost reluctant to write about it as I don’t want anyone else to know about it.

Phil and I travelled up to Cairns recently with our touring bikes (check out “Larry and Barry go north”), and we stumbled across the Prawn Star while searching for dinner on our first night. It’s not really a restaurant - it’s a trawler that is moored up on the Cairns Marina with a few party lights draped around it, a XXXX Gold sign hanging off the side and enough seats for about 10 people.

We wandered up and asked for a table. There was really only one on the back of the boat that was shared amongst all patrons. That was full when we arrived but the friendly owner pulled up up a couple of makeshift seats next to the boat on the dock - our table a Styrofoam esky. It was great!

Flamenco music was playing as the sun went down over the water and we sipped on a glass of white wine as we mused over the menu.

Now, if you don’t like seafood this is not the place for you. Freshly caught seafood is the only option on the menu (no steak & chips here), and most of it is cold or raw. We ordered the seafood platter for two to share which was made up of fresh prawns, bugs, oysters natural and salmon sashimi - served with lemon and soy sauce on the side. It was just perfect (and half the price of what you’d pay in Sydney).

This is a place where you can utterly relax and enjoy the fine fresh produce that Queensland has to offer. By the time the sun had dipped over the water & we’d finished our meal there were a line of people waiting for our spot. I started to realise that maybe this place wasn’t as hidden as i’d thought - one guy was actually leaning over me as I ate my last prawn, ready to pounce on our table. Glad we got there early!


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